18/04/2019 - 21/04/2019


At the World J24 of Riva del Garda first positions are a bit more defined: the US does not give up Kaster and remains in the lead, recovering its advantage. Also advancing are the Siesta Japanese as well as German JJone Italians are struggling to keep pace: Grifone2 Kong drops to seventh place, La Superba thirteenth, fifteenth NotifyMe-Pilgrim
regate 29/08/2018
Il servizio andato in onda al TG Trento Rai martedì 27 agosto alle ore 19:30 - dal minuto 18:04 Clicca qui >>    
regate 29/08/2018
Japan had a positive day Italy fourth with Francesco Bertone at the helm of Kong Grifone2 Fraglia Vela Riva hosts the World Championship of the J/24, the most popular one design in the world and known for engaging children and young girls as well as experienced sailors. This year’s regatta has seen a true boom in attendance at Fraglia Vela Riva, and fortunately had mild weather for an event that had never seen so many participants: the...
regate 28/08/2018
Entertainment in Riva del Garda: 89 J/24s inaugurate World Championship on a fantastic day  Italy and Lake Garda have brought a world record with the expansion of the number of boats allowed than in previous championships. Six Australian boats, four Japanese, five Americans, a Brazilian competitor have arrived from overseas.
regate 27/08/2018
A great success with 98 crews representing 16 countries. The prestigious appointment organized until August 31st by Fraglia della Vela Riva del Garda is about to begin
regate 25/08/2018
Mondiali classe Yngling a Riva del Garda: tra i tre olandesi la spunta NED 255 con Moorman Kaj al timone
regate 14/07/2018
Mondiale Yngling a Riva del Garda: regate, feste e turismo   Un evento organizzato alla Fraglia Vela Riva, che sarebbe da prendere come esempio per le classi veliche meno agguerrite: dopo le regate si pensa alle feste serali a tema nazionalità partecipanti e alle gite nel territorio nella giornata di riposo, prima della giornata conclusiva
regate 12/07/2018
Appuntamento alla Fraglia Vela Riva dal 24 al 31 agosto per il mondiale di classe
regate 03/06/2018
I Mondiali GC32 sono stati seguiti giornalmente anche dal telegiornale TGR RAI Regionale che ha mandato in onda i seguenti servizi: 25/5 al minuto 00:16 >> 26/5 al minuto 17:35 >>
regate 29/05/2018
One week from today the fleets of the GC32 Racing Tour and the Extreme Sailing Series will be locking horns in the initial races of the first ever GC32 World Championship. Held over 23-27 May, this event takes place in one of the world’s best venues for foiling catamaran racing – Riva del Garda on Lake Garda, renowned for its strong winds and flat water, ideal for the flying boats to achieve maximum 30+ knot speeds.
regate 18/05/2018