Discover the water’s different shapes with the Sail&Ski Garda Dolomiti

Riva del Garda – It’s called Sail&Ski Garda Dolomiti and it’s an absolute novelty for the J/70 universe: an alternative way to celebrate the transition from winter to summer competitive activity and prepare for the debut in the J/70 Cup.

Promoting it is J/70 Italian Class and Fraglia Vela Riva, a point of reference in the world of sailing, together with the tourism companies Garda Trentino and Madonna di Campiglio, two unique territories for biodiversity and appreciated internationally for their tourist value.

Scheduled between 14 and 17 March between Riva del Garda and Madonna di Campiglio, it will engage the crews on the different forms of water: on Friday and Sunday up to six tests will take place between the buoys of the Fraglia Vela Riva sailing club, while on Saturday the The appointment will be at the Patascoss Refuge in Madonna di Campiglio where bibs will be assigned to help you take part in the ski race which, scheduled for two heats, will take place on the FIS 3Tre, one of the most famous slopes of the Circo Bianco, and will be open to all sailors and will be made unique by the participation of some big names in skiing.

The results of the Friday regattas will be combined with those of the ski race, giving rise to a combined ranking that will crown the winner of the first edition of the Sail&Ski Garda Dolomiti and the individual winners of the ski race. On Sunday, however, the final ranking of the regatta series will be discovered.

The typical Mediterranean climate of Garda Trentino, a true ‘gentle sea of the Alps’ suitable for practicing the most diverse water sports, and the suggestive peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, famous for the high quality and variety of ski slopes : these are two apparently opposite destinations, but which in truth are aimed at very similar targets and which can give rise to coherent and surprising collaborations. This is certainly the case of the Sail&Ski Garda Dolomiti event, which sees our territory associated with the Madonna di Campiglio tourist area for three days of sailing and skiing which already promises to be epic. Heartfelt thanks to the organizers for making this new initiative possible, which I am sure will become a fixed appointment in the spring calendar of the coming years, and in good luck to all participants!” declared the president of Garda Trentino, Silvio Rigatti.

Garda and the Brenta Dolomites, with the lake already enjoying the mild climate of spring in March while Madonna di Campiglio is still immersed in the winter atmosphere, come together for the Sail&Ski Gada Dolomiti, an event that celebrates two extraordinary rich territories of biodiversity and with a recognized international tourist value. The collaboration between the tourist companies Garda Dolomiti and Madonna di Campiglio, already tested in the past on the occasion of some projects and initiatives, is therefore also confirmed in 2024 starting with Sail&Ski Garda Trentino, a example of the ability to create a system between destinations to present a tourist offer with added value, both to consolidated and new audiences. Combining sailing with skiing, connecting the two most representative tourist products of the two destinations, is an absolute novelty that celebrates lake and mountain, combining two much-loved sports” commented Tullio Serafini, president of the Madonna di Campiglio Tourist Board.

As J/70 Italian Class we are proud to have united such important realities to create an absolute novelty for the J/70 universe: the Sail&Ski Garda Dolomiti presents itself as an original way to say goodbye to the cold winter climates, create community and prepare for the imminent start of the competitive season which, this year, will involve the teams almost immediately in the J/70 European Championship in Cala Galera. The two days of regattas, organized by Fraglia Vela Riva, will undoubtedly be very competitive while on Saturday we will have way of testing the sailors’ abilities in a competitive context different from the usual and we will see if the sailing/skiing combination will confirm the typical values of the fleet or if the commitment between the poles will give the opportunity to different teams to emerge” commented Federico Siragna, president of J/70 Italian Class.

Hosting the J/70 class already in the initial stages of the year is a good way to verify the state of the art of our organizational machine on the eve of a season which, for Fraglia Vela Riva, promises to be full of significant challenges. Being among the supporters of this beautiful initiative, which unites two sports and two very different territories, is a sure source of pride for us” commented Andrea Camin, president of Fraglia Vela Riva.

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News published on 5 February 2024