Chiara Benini Floriani and Lorenzo Chiavarini: from Fraglia Vela Riva to Paris 2024

Riva del Garda – There is a mixture of satisfaction and pride at the Fraglia Vela Riva headquarters after learning that Chiara Benini Floriani and Lorenzo Chiavarini have been selected by the Italian Sailing Federation to represent Italy among the buoys of Paris 2024 in the ILCA class 6 and ILCA 7.

Raised competitively at the Fraglia Vela Riva, Chiara Benini Floriani is today an athlete of the Fiamme Gialle and over the last few seasons she has marked herself as the best Italian performer of the ILCA 6, winning a silver at the 2022 Mediterranean Games, finishing seventh at the European Championship , fourth at the Princesa Sofia Trophy and third at the Marseille 2023 Pre-Olympic event.

Chiara Benini Floriani declared: “Participating in the Olympics has always been my dream and having this possibility at 22 years old makes me proud. Now the goal of participation has transformed into competing for positions at the top of the rankings. I would like to thank my family, my boyfriend and my friends who were close to me even when things weren’t going well, the Italian Sailing Federation and my coach who gave me this opportunity, the Fiamme Gialle who have supported me for more than two years, the coaches, the athletic trainers and all the professionals who have worked with me. A final thank you goes to Fraglia Vela Riva and to all the sponsors without whom all this would not have been possible.”

For ILCA 7 the Italian Sailing Federation has instead chosen Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini, an athlete born in Rome, registered with the State Police who, during his twenty-year career, has always frequented our club and has represented it for the last 3 years . His achievements include a gold at the 2019 European Championship, a bronze in 2020 and fifth place at the Sailing World Championships in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini declared: “Participation in the 2024 Olympics crowns a journey that has lasted twenty years and is full of sacrifices and difficulties. But in the end it all pays off. One of the positive sides of the sport of sailing is the brotherhood with other sailors that is also created at an international level, friendships that last a lifetime. Goals like this are achieved with dedication and support. For this I thank the FIV and the CONI, a hug to my parents, the technicians, the clubs such as the Fraglia Vela Riva and the State Police and all the people who have been close to me. Now it’s my turn to demonstrate that it’s not enough to participate.”

The satisfaction of the Riva club is represented by the president Andrea Camin: “The summoning of Chiara Benini Floriani and Lorenzo Chiavarini in view of the Paris 2024 Games is the new demonstration that the organization of youth activity, as set up for more than 10 years from the Sports Director and the Technical Director, she managed to reach her maximum goal, in addition to several podiums in Italian, European and World championships. Of course, in this case we are talking about two superior level athletes, two Italian excellences, but It is by constantly comparing themselves with our other high-level sailors that they have fully expressed their potential. We are very proud of what they have done and of having contributed to making them live the dream of Olympic participation. On behalf of all the members I wish them good winds ”.

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News published on 20 February 2024