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the Championship's over.  Antonios Tsimpoukelis and George Karonis (GRE 53161) are the triumphant victors in the 420 Mens'.  Francisco Lardies and Finn Drummond (NZL 52550) second by only three points. Ben Palmer and Konrad Weaver (GBR 53116) third.   Alessandra Maloney and Bianca Barbarich-Bacher (NZL 52576) victorious in the Womens' 420.  Camilla Marino and Claudia Soricelli (ITA 53884) with a well-deserved...
regate 05/08/2009
The 420 Class kicked off their 2009 World Championship's Qualifying Series races today. Winds were stronger during the first races (blowing around 8 meters-per-second) and later began to taper off. Today's results: Nicolo' Briante and Giacomo Fossati hold the top position in the Men's 420. In second position: Francesco Falcetelli and Gabriele Franciolini. Meanwhile, Alexandra Maloney and Bianca Barbarich - Bacher (NZL 52576)...
regate 30/07/2009
Last day of the 29er World Championship. Warning signal this morning at 8:30 AM. Beautiful day; unusual even. Rivan perfection at its best. Red borders on the edges of the sails. Greens of the Gardesian landscape's lush vegetation. Blues of Lake Garda's waters, sometimes deep and complex enough to be oceanlike. A Pele'r wind blowing initially around 8 meters-per-second. "De rigeur" the Regatta Committee: well-organized...
regate 25/07/2009
Terminus of the 49er World Championship and Nathan Outerridge's winning strategy; aperture of the 29er World Championship and Haylee Outerridge's mark-making sailing day. Teaming with the neo-World Champion Iain Jensen on AUS 34, Haylee (Nathan Outteridge's younger sister), finished twice today in first place, and once in second place. She remains 1 scorepoint in front of Steven Thomas and Blair Tuke (AUS 1) (1, 3, 1) and 2...
regate 20/07/2009
With Medal Race results weighing in, the final rankings are now as following: Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen (AUS 1) are 2009 World Champions (AUS 1). This is indeed newsworthy, as this 49er Gold Group's competition was so tight that the outcome of this Championship was difficult to predict. Before the final race began, any one of the five top-ranking crews might have been able to arrive at that prestigious top step on the winner's...
regate 19/07/2009
Fraglia Vela Riva, host this month of 3 prestigious World Championship events to be held back-to-back, opened the first today at 1 pm.  At the same time, Fraglia welcomes the 29erXX Gold Cup event to Riva.  British crew Dave Evans and Simon Hiscocks today with 2 first-place finishes and 1 fourth. Following the 29erXX's third race, Silja Lehtinen and Will Howard hold the lead.  
regate 14/07/2009
During the same days as the Intervela 2009, Fraglia Vela Riva also hosted the RS K6 Summer Cup 2009, from June 29th until July 3rd. 17 crews from Germany, United Kingdom and the USA came together for the event. A winning combination of great wind conditions and good-timing sailors helped to make the event special. The first few days featured winds up to 15 m/second, especially on opening day. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, July 1st, a long-distance...
regate 05/07/2009
420 Class: winners Francesco Falcetelli and Gabriele Franciolini. Mon Bleddyn and Nick Redding rule the 29er Class.  Guerilla competition in the 470 F/M Class: breakthrough for Francesco Bertone and Simone Malgugini, who claimed final victory.  Paolo Cattaneo and Vittorio Zaoli closely behind in second.
regate 04/07/2009
Northerly wind blowing around 8 m/s powered the last and final race, sailed at 11 am, bringing the INTERNATIONAL J22 CLASS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2009 to its close. And what a championship it's been! During this week, there have been several crews vying closely to acquire and maintain that elusive chart-topping position. First of all, it was held by Gaston Loos and crew, NED 1541. Then they were overtaken by Kasper Kieft and crew, NED 1215:...
regate 20/06/2009
Event featuring the 505, Korsar, Dyas and Int. 14' fleets has ended.  Jens Findel triumphs in the 505, as does Axel Oberemm amongst the Korsar and Holger Suesse in the Dyas.  Regime change  in the Int. 14' by Carmen Bernitt.
regate 23/05/2009