Elenco persone

European Championship Flying Fifteen
Elenco persone
timoniereDavid Pipe
timoniereBob Alexander
equipaggioHuw Willetts
timoniereMike Wilczynski
equipaggioJean Wilczynski
timonierePeter Mountain
equipaggioDavid Gyte
timoniereRobert Mountain
equipaggioAlexandra Torkington
timoniereNick Heath
equipaggioCatherine Heath
timoniereGraham Latham
timoniereChristopher White
equipaggioRoger LePla
timoniereEleanor Craig
equipaggioLouise Craig
timoniereTim Polglase
equipaggioAndrew Streeter
timoniereChristina Moncur
equipaggioStephen Moncur
timoniereBrett Dingwall
equipaggioTimothy Scarisbrick
timoniereAdrian Tattersall
equipaggioRichard Popper
timoniereJon Gorringe
equipaggioSteve Brown
timoniereRobert Hogben
timoniereJohn Hanson
equipaggioHelen Selden
timoniereCharles Apthorp
equipaggioCharlie Apthorp
timoniereSteven Randle
equipaggioLisa Randle
timoniereSteve Goacher
equipaggioTim Harper
timoniereSimon Kneller
equipaggioDave Lucas
timoniereChris Gorringe
equipaggioNadia Hosie
timoniereGreg Wells
equipaggioAndrew Jameson
timoniereBill Chard
equipaggioJosh Preater
timoniereSimon Patterson
equipaggioSimon Thompson
timoniereGeoffrey Bayliss
equipaggioSimon Weatherall
timoniereDavid Tabb
equipaggioChewey Sherrell
timoniereSimon Spolton
equipaggioGrant Murphy
timoniereIan Cadwallader
equipaggioSteve Graham
timoniereAndy Goddard
equipaggioTom Goddard
timoniereHamish Mackay
equipaggioAndrew Lawson
timoniereAshley Smith
equipaggioKym Thumpkin
timonierePeter Sherry
equipaggioMichael Cotter
timoniereFraser Mitchell
equipaggioJoe Duggan
timoniereIan Mathews
timoniereNiall Meagher
equipaggioNicki Matthews
timoniereAlan Green
timoniereTom Murphy
equipaggioCarel La Roux


Si sono conclusi alla Fraglia Vela Riva i Campionati Europei della classe Flying Fifteen, (scafo con bulbo, diffuso soprattutto in Gran Bretagna e Irlanda), frequentata da amatori, che piacevolmente abbinano le regate di vela ad una bella settimana di vacanza, particolarmente apprezzata sul Garda Trentino e a Riva del Garda.
regate 07/09/2018
3 Races in strong breezes and the fleet goes right to the cliffs Day 4 started sunny but hazy with the threat of late thunderstorms. However the Ora started faintly just before noon and the fleet were called out to race. The Race Committee had agreed with the fleet that we would again sail 3 races as the forecast for Friday was poor and might mean no sailing that day  
regate 07/09/2018
The day started off with more promise and as the fleet assembled for the start of the second day there was already a good breeze from the south and clear blue skies.
regate 06/09/2018
The forecast was for a much stronger "Ora" (southerly) wind than the failed attempt on Monday. The fleet left the harbour with the start of a breeze meaning no paddling required. As the boats reached the starting area it was a "both seats on deck" wind strength.
regate 05/09/2018