Riva Cup 2012


17/05/2012 - 19/05/2012

Notice of race

Class list
Int. 14'50, available 50
505100, available 57
Korsar50, available 30
Dyas50, available 32

La Riva Cup, storica regata riservata alle classi 505, Korsar e Dyas, offre di anno in anno uno spettacolo di regate con oltre cento barche in acqua. Mentre la classe Korsar è diffusa praticamente solo in Austria e Germania, tra i 505 (una specie di 470) si aggiungono nazioni come Svizzera, Inghilterra, Francia, Finlandia, Danimarca.
Year after year the Riva Cup, for 505, Korsar and Dyas classes, promises a spectacular regatta with over 100 boats taking part. While the Korsar is popular mostly in Germany and Austria, the 505 (a type of 470) is being represented by Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Finland and Denmark.

More info
505: http://www.int505.org/
Korsar: http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=5158

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The historic Riva Cup took place from the 17th -19th May and was certainly lucky with the weather. Almost 100 boats participated divided into Dyas, Korsar and 505 (the largest class with 50 boats), from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Italy. The maximum number of races were accomplished with the final of the 8 being raced with winds of 12/18 knots. The Riva Cup is just one of the events organised by...
regate 20/05/2012