Yngling Open Springtime European Championship


04/05/2011 - 07/05/2011

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Class list
Yngling Open30, available 25

Una classe, quella Yngling, diffusa soprattutto in Olanda, ma che non vuole rinunciare al suo Campionato Europeo di Primavera sull’Alto lago di Garda per le sue eccellenti condizioni. Un appuntamento fisso per una trentina di equipaggi (3 velisti per ciascuna barca) provenienti da Olanda, Germania, Svizzera, Austria, Slovenia.
This Class, which is extremely popular in the Netherlands, will hold its Spring European Championship here on Upper Lake Garda. The date is set and around thirty crews are expected (3 sailors x boat) from the Netherlands, Austria, Germany , Slovenja and Switzerland.

More info: http://www.yngling.org/



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The 2011  edition of the European Springtime Yngling Championship,organised by Fraglia Vela Riva, Italy, came to a close today with all eight scheduled races completed. Four days and of sun and winds provided the perfect conditions for a great Championship hard-fought to the very end.   The Dutch crew of Otte-Haven-Oost were yesterday so far ahead on points that they didn’t need to race the last leg today. A well deserved...
regate 07/05/2011
Change of leaders: 1st Otte-Haven-Oost.
regate 05/05/2011
Day one / Jamin, Berens, Smolders of The Netherlands in the lead.   The Yngling Springtime European Championships, organised by Fraglia Vela Riva Italy, got under way today. The winds were relentless  on Trentino Garda  today registering at 10 to 12 m/sec. Two races kicked off the European Yngling Championships with 30 boats from six different nations.
regate 04/05/2011
The YNGLING Springtime European Championships take place this coming Wednesday 4th May to Saturday 7th May. The 2011 edition of this event,  a regular fixture on Trentino Garda, has around  30 participants registered. Last year's winners, by the smallest of margins, was the Dutch crew of Jamin, Berens and Smolders. Validation of registrations is open till 12,00 noon on the first day of the regatta with the first race getting...
regate 02/05/2011
Since April 18th Fraglia Vela Riva has a new website. Who is already subscribed in the old one is already enrolled for the regatta. To make sure that the subscription has been successful you can check out the attached list. If you don’t find yourself in the list you will have to enrol in the new website making a new login.   yngling_registration.pdf
regate 17/04/2011