Byte CII World Championhip 2014


22/04/2014 - 27/04/2014

Notice of race

Il Byte CII è lo scafo singolo scelto per le Olimpiadi giovanili in programma a Nanjing, Cina, il prossimo agosto, insieme alla tavola a vela Techno 293. Il mondiale in programma a Riva del Garda è particolarmente importante in quanto selezionerà gli atleti per il più ambito appuntamento giovanile del mondo.
The single skiff Byte CII  and the Techno 293 board have both been chosen for the  Juvenile Olympics in Nanjing, China scheduled next August, making the upcoming World Championships at Riva del Garda particularly important as it will be one of the events which will select the athletes for one of the most prestigious juvenile events in the world.



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Sul TG Trentino di martedì 29 aprile, alle ore 14:20 ca. è andato in onda il servizio conclusivo dei Campionati Mondiali Byte, organizzati dal nostro circolo. Ecco il link per rivedere il servizio al minuto... >>>
media 29/04/2014
Lunedì 28 aprile su RAISPORT 1 - TG SPORT del pomeriggio- alle ore 14:58-  è andato in onda  il servizio sui Mondiali BYTE (anche se la scritta riportata è 32 Meeting Optimist....) Qui il LINK:
media 29/04/2014
It's official -  Jonatan Vadnai of Hungary is world champion of the single Byte CII class, the boat selected for sailing in the Youth Olympics at Nanjing, China from the 16th-28th August. In the women's category it was a Dutch one-two with Odile Van Aaholt first and Mirthe Akkerman taking second place.
regate 27/04/2014
Riva del Garda, Trentino: Excitement at Riva del Garda on the last day of the World Byte Championships, valid as qualifier for 6 European nations and 2 African for the Youth Olympics in China next August.
regate 26/04/2014
World Byte Championships-Day 3  Comfortable leads for both Vadnai of Hungary and Van Aanholt of The Netherlands.
regate 25/04/2014
Riva del Garda- Trentino: Second day of the World Byte Championships with classic conditions on Upper Garda. Sunshine and a southerly wind of 12-14 knots allowed four races to be completed today bringing to a total of 5 overall. The competitors had  started to prepare themselves in front of the club during the morning even though the first race was scheduled for 12.30. This was delayed  to 13.30 to wait for the wind from the south...
regate 24/04/2014
World Byte Championships: Hungary and The Netherlands lead. A good start for the Italians. The World Byte CII Championships have got under way at Fraglia Vela Riva, Riva del Garda. This event counts as continental qualifier for Europe and for the first time Africa who have three teams taking part on Garda, Trentino, Algeria, Egypt and South Africa. In the men's category, thirty-six participants are taking part representing 21 countries from...
regate 23/04/2014