World O'pen Cup


02/08/2013 - 05/08/2013

Notice of race

Class list
O'pen Bic U16150, available 43
O'pen Bic U13150, available 92

Spazio anche alle classi nuove, da poco entrate a far parte del mondo agonistico sia nazionale, che internazionale: l’Open Bic, classe molto performante, veloce e quindi divertente rivolta ai giovani di 11-15 anni disputerà l’O’pen Bic World Cup 2013 - una sorta di Mondiale a tutti gli effetti - dall’1 al 5 agosto. La flotta viene suddivisa nelle due categorie under 13 e under 16, rispettivamente con vela di 3,8 mq e 4,5 mq.


This new class has only recently become part of the national and international racing world. The O'pen Bic is high-performing, fast and lots of fun and is geared towards youngsters aged 11- 15 years. The O'pen Bic World Cup, 2013, a sort of World Championship in every aspect, will take place from 1st - 5th August. The fleet will be divided into two categories, the under 13's and under 15's with sails of 3.8 sq. m and 4.5 sq. m respectively.

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Federico Zampiccoli of Italy wins the O'pen Bic World Championship in the under 16 category. Two silver medals for Italy with Andrea Spagnolli (under 13's) and Guido Gallinaro. 
regate 05/08/2013
World O'pen Bic Cup, 2013 at Riva del Garda, Italy – Italian Zampiccoli still leads in the under 16's with many Italians within reach of a medal in both the under 13 and under 16 categories. First in the under 13 standings is Wadley of Australia, 2012 title holder. Tomorrow the conclusion.
regate 04/08/2013
With today's pre-registration completed, the first races are set to take place on Saturday, 3rd August with the event going on until Monday. Once again young sailors take centre stage at Fraglia Vela Riva with this high level regatta. 170 participants from12 different countries are taking part and  will be split into two categories, the Under 13's and the Under 16's. The nations with the highest number of participants are...
regate 02/08/2013
The competitors that will take part to the 2013 World O'pen Cup with a charter boat must enter with sail number 99999.
regate 06/02/2013