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Lunedì 13 giugno è stato pubblicato sul quotidiano trentino l'Adige un articolo corredato da due foto relativo all'esperienza VELASCUOLA appena concluso, con la presnetazione degli imminenti corsi di scuola vela previsti per tutta l'estate. Leggi articolo
media 13/06/2011
June Garda Trentino Events: click here Gli eventi organizzati nel Garda Trentino nel mese di giugno: clicca qui
attractions 09/06/2011
Riva Cup on Sail-World, the biggest international sailing web site! Click here  
media 08/06/2011
The 505, Dyas, Korsar and Int. 14' classes from 9 European countries, made up the 123 crafts taking part in this year's Riva Cup.
regattas 05/06/2011
The 29th edition of the International Classic Riva Cup gets under way at Fraglia Vela Riva from the 2nd to the 4th of June. These classes,which are not so popular in Italy, have a wide following in the rest of Europe and with good winds and exciting regattas guaranteed there is no better reason...
regattas 31/05/2011
The Italian Athletes for London 2012 have been chosen in a Week of good winds and exciting competition which saw the success today of Baldassari and Regolo.
regattas 15/05/2011
Tomorrow is the closing day of Olympic Garda Eurolymp 2011 It was a beautiful sunny and windy day on Upper Lake Garda despite the bad weather forecast. All races were completed according to schedule (only the Finn has 9 out of 10 races completed). Wind conditions were favourable so everyone could...
regattas 14/05/2011
Today was the 3rd day of the Olympic Garda Eurolymp 2011: conditions on Upper Garda were back to normal under clear skies.   This morning at Malcesine there was a good north wind which allowed  the Finn class to complete 2 races. By afternoon the usual southerly winds had reached...
regattas 13/05/2011
It was an intensive day on upper Garda for the Olympic Garda Eurolymps, an international event with 41 nations participating. The regatta started yesterday and lasts until Sunday. Fraglia Vela Riva, Italy, Torbole Surf Club and Fraglia Malcesine were ready from early morning to have everything...
regattas 12/05/2011
Today was the first day of racing for this crucial Eurolymp 2011, organised by Fraglia Vela Riva, Italy together with Torbole Surf Club and Fraglia Vela Malcesine. For the Italian crews this is one of the last three events which will select the national Olympic Team before the ISAF world...
regattas 11/05/2011