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Ecco il video della giornata trascorsa dal 3 volte Campione del Mondo Laser Tom Slingby al nostro circolo e poi con i ragazzi della squadra agonistica Laser in acqua. Buona visione!  
media 13/07/2011
The fifth and final round of the Melges 24 Volvo Cup ended in grand style with 55 boats racing and a final that was fought down to the last for a place on the podium. Two races were ran today totalling eight altogether. Apart from the first day, where there was no wind whatsoever, the three...
regattas 10/07/2011
Ancora buoni risultati dai nostri giovani velisti della classe Optimist, che a Brenzone hanno disputato la seconda selezione (dopo Desenzano) zonale per l'ammissione al Campionato Italiano.
sailing team 09/07/2011
iva del Garda: the start of the fifth and final leg of the Melges 24 Volvo Cup The Melges 24 regattas at Fraglia Vela Riva lasts until Sunday with around sixty boats taking part, representing ten nations. For this event the last pier at the harbour has been made available to accommodate the...
regattas 08/07/2011
A clean win for Ian Robson Ian Robson, of Great Britain together with Sandy Johnson and Andy Carroll, has won the K6 Eurocup 2011, organised by Fraglia Vela Riva (Trentino Italy), repeating his success of 2009. Robson, who had been in the lead from day one, didn't give much hope to his...
regattas 01/07/2011
If up to the 18th July 2011 a minimum of 60 pre registration on line won’t be reached the regatta will be cancelled. Notice of race
regattas 30/06/2011
With two days remaining of the K6 Eurocup 2011 - at Riva del Garda (Trentino - Italy) organized by Fraglia Vela Riva - the crew of Ian Robson - Sandy Johnson and Andy Carroll hold on to the lead by eight points after eight races. Today's calm winds gave the racers few problems and allowed the...
regattas 29/06/2011
Today was another splendid day at Riva del Garda, with sunny skies and strong winds for the K6 Eurocup 2011, organized by Fraglia Vela Riva in collaboration with the K6 class, managed by our excellent race secretary Heather Chepperfield. Three legs were completed with southerly winds of 16 to 18...
regattas 29/06/2011
A glorious day with southerly 20 knots winds kicked off the K6 Eurocup 2011, which takes place every two years at Fraglia Vela Riva in Trentino Garda with participants mainly from Germany and Great Britain. The event finishes on Friday 1st of July after a total of 13 legs according to the...
regattas 27/06/2011
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attractions 23/06/2011