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Perfect weather with clear skies, moderate winds and completed races (2 for the cadets and 3 for the juniors). Mattia Cesana of Fraglia Vela Riva leads the cadets and in the juniors Gaia Bergonzini is on the attack.
regattas 24/03/2016
Tomorrow the 34th Edition of the Garda Optimist Meeting gets under way with  good weather in the forecast.
regattas 23/03/2016
The regularisation of the registrations of the 34th Garda Optimist Meeting started on Monday. On Wednesday the Country Cup and in late afternoon the parade and opening ceremony. Twinning between Optimist Team USA and the Optimist team of Fraglia Vela Riva.
regattas 22/03/2016
The racing season at Fraglia Vela Riva starts with a “bang” as the first international event of the season kicks off with the Guinness World Record event “ The Garda Optimist Meeting” for youngsters aged (9-15 years) of the Optimist class. Almost 1000 helmsmen from 30...
regattas 18/03/2016
E' con piacere che annunciamo la partnership per il 34° ‪#‎gardameetingoptimist‬ con la Centrale del Latte di Vicenza. D'altra parte una buona cioccolata calda con cacao Ferrero, senza un buon latte...che cioccolata è??? :-) ---- Centrale del latte Vicenza (milk) is the new...
regattas 11/03/2016
The racing season at Fraglia Vela Riva kicks off next month on Lake Garda, Trentino with the classic Easter event which every year attracts hundreds of young helmsmen between the ages of 9-15 years. As of today 570 participants have pre-registered from 25 different countries including Bermuda,...
regattas 24/02/2016
Timonieri pre-iscritti al #GardameetingOptimist anche da BERMUDA e KUWAIT! Per quanto riguarda il Paese che ospiterà la prossima Coppa America è pre-iscritto il cadetto Magnus Ringsted, mentre in rappresentanza del Kuwait risultano pre-iscritti il cadetto Ali Alfailkawi e lo juniores...
regattas 12/02/2016
For 2016, its fourth season, the GC32 Racing Tour is taking a fresh approach with the simple remit of visiting venues that will provide the optimum foiling conditions for the 32ft flying catamarans and the best, most high octane racing for its teams. To minimise transportation time and cost, while...
regattas 28/01/2016
34° Lake Garda Meeting Optimist Class: the registrations are OPEN! Aperte le iscrizioni alla trentaquattresima edizione del Meeting del Garda Optimist, primo evento del nuovo anno 2016 per la Fraglia Vela Riva! #fragliavelariva #optimist #Optiworld #GuinnessWorldRecords http://www....
regattas 12/12/2015