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Rain overnight and then a brightening day There was heavy rain over night and a cloudy start; all as forecast. The fleet assembled at the club and some chose to preempt the race committee and hauled out their boats. However after their traditional lunch and with no breeze in sight the race...
regattas 07/09/2018
3 Races in strong breezes and the fleet goes right to the cliffs Day 4 started sunny but hazy with the threat of late thunderstorms. However the Ora started faintly just before noon and the fleet were called out to race. The Race Committee had agreed with the fleet that we would again sail 3 races...
regattas 07/09/2018
The day started off with more promise and as the fleet assembled for the start of the second day there was already a good breeze from the south and clear blue skies.
regattas 06/09/2018
The forecast was for a much stronger "Ora" (southerly) wind than the failed attempt on Monday. The fleet left the harbour with the start of a breeze meaning no paddling required. As the boats reached the starting area it was a "both seats on deck" wind strength.
regattas 05/09/2018
TGR RAI andato in onda sabato 1 settembre alle ore 19:30: dal minuto 17:33 Guarda qui >>
regattas 03/09/2018
In the last day three races  with northerly wind up to 20 knots Four US boats were in the top 5, with Japanese Siesta iridescent silver. German Derbe Kerle first among women Winners of the under-25 category of Italians Ottobrerosso with Pietro Parisi at the helm
regattas 31/08/2018
Nulla di fatto oggi a Riva del Garda nel penultimo giorno del campionato del Mondo della classe monotipo J/24, che vede alla Fraglia Vela Riva il record di presenze per un campionato iridato. Il Comitato di Regata ha dato una partenza con vento da nord nonostante l’orario di primissimo...
regattas 30/08/2018
At the World J24 of Riva del Garda first positions are a bit more defined: the US does not give up Kaster and remains in the lead, recovering its advantage. Also advancing are the Siesta Japanese as well as German JJone Italians are struggling to keep pace: Grifone2 Kong drops to seventh place, La...
regattas 29/08/2018
Il servizio andato in onda al TG Trento Rai martedì 27 agosto alle ore 19:30 - dal minuto 18:04 Clicca qui >>    
regattas 29/08/2018
Japan had a positive day Italy fourth with Francesco Bertone at the helm of Kong Grifone2 Fraglia Vela Riva hosts the World Championship of the J/24, the most popular one design in the world and known for engaging children and young girls as well as experienced sailors. This year’s regatta...
regattas 28/08/2018