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United Arab Emirates, Virgin Islands, Bahamas Cayman Islands, Hong Kong the most particular nations of the 37 present. 1028 the current pre-subscribers   At Fraglia Vela Riva the event for young sailors with low environmental impact: thanks to the cycling paths on the northern shore of Garda...
regattas 18/03/2019
Less than five month to go for one of the biggest sailing highlights in 2019! 
regattas 10/02/2019
The JUNIORES category of the 37th Garda Meeting Optimist, will start from those born in 2008. The CADETTI category will be reserved only for 2009 and 2010. ------
regattas 21/12/2018
29er Eurocup in Riva del Garda: with the last test the Norwegian win Berthet-Franks Penty. Hoffer-Leoni win in the women's category
regattas 27/10/2018
Started the finals of the 29er Eurocup of Riva del Garda; Saturday the conclusion The Danes Dehn Toftehoe-Fuglbjerg take over the lead thanks to a string of 3 first and a third 131 boats from 20 nations
regattas 26/10/2018
On Tuesday, on the Italian lake Garda, the traditional regatta of the oldest and largest Russian-speaking community Yachting Rus started. Yachting Rus Cup is the international competition included in the official calendar of the Italian Sailing Federation.
regattas 12/10/2018
Rain overnight and then a brightening day There was heavy rain over night and a cloudy start; all as forecast. The fleet assembled at the club and some chose to preempt the race committee and hauled out their boats. However after their traditional lunch and with no breeze in sight the race...
regattas 07/09/2018
3 Races in strong breezes and the fleet goes right to the cliffs Day 4 started sunny but hazy with the threat of late thunderstorms. However the Ora started faintly just before noon and the fleet were called out to race. The Race Committee had agreed with the fleet that we would again sail 3 races...
regattas 07/09/2018
The day started off with more promise and as the fleet assembled for the start of the second day there was already a good breeze from the south and clear blue skies.
regattas 06/09/2018
The forecast was for a much stronger "Ora" (southerly) wind than the failed attempt on Monday. The fleet left the harbour with the start of a breeze meaning no paddling required. As the boats reached the starting area it was a "both seats on deck" wind strength.
regattas 05/09/2018