Riva Cup: 4 final races

Sun, 05/06/2011

The 505, Dyas, Korsar and Int. 14' classes from 9 European countries, made up the 123 crafts taking part in this year's Riva Cup.

It took a bit more effort than usual to complete the 3 day regatta. Unstable weather deprived the event with the usual, regular winds that Riva del Garda is so famous for. The end result was good however, with 4 races completed and positive feed-back from the participants who, apart from the competition, were able to spend a few pleasant days at Trentino Garda. The 505 class was the largest with 54 boats at the starting gate: the Danish crew of BOJSEN-MOLLER (14-1-2-1 partials), was 1st with a comfortable 10 point lead over Germans HUNGER-KLEINER (10-3-1-14 partials) who took 2nd place. In 3rd place were DASENBROOK-MEIER of Germany. The Germans also took the top two positions in the Dyas class with SUESSE-BENDER (5-2-1-1) and APPEL-APPEL ( 3-5-3-2), 1st and 2nd respectively. BRANDT-BÄRLOCHER of Switzerland were 3rd having been penalized for a false start in the 3rd race (2-9-OCS-6 partials). The tightest race for the podium was the International 14' class (almost all exclusively British with 24 crews taking part): in 1st place by only 1 point were ATTISON-TAIT  (1-2-1-8), 2nd were GILBERT-MCGRAINE (3-1-3-1) and 3rd were FRITGERALD-FRITZGERALD 7 points behind (6-7-4-2). In the Korsar class 21 crews, mostly German and Austrian, took part: winning by 2 points were OBEREMM-LINNEMANN (2-1-4-4), 2nd place for MAHNKE-GEYER (4-3-2-7) and 3rd for ECKNAGEL-BROY (14-5-3-3). Partial victories for BLUM-KORNWEIBEL (in the 4th regatta), MUELLE-DASSELFORFER in the 3rd and LANGNER-DIESTELMANN in the 1st.