Conclusion of Garda Eurolymp and the Italian qualifiers for London 2012

Sun, 15/05/2011

The Italian Athletes for London 2012 have been chosen in a Week of good winds and exciting competition which saw the success today of Baldassari and Regolo.
 The finals (medal races) of the Olympic Garda Eurolymp 2011, took place this morning with rain and blustery north wind (which started a 20 knots at 8.00 o’clock and diminished to 16 by mid morning). This was the last stage of qualifications for the Italian crews and CONI Federation for the London Olympics 2012. The event, hosted and organised by Fraglia Vela Riva, Italy, Torbole Surf Club and Fraglia Vela Malcesine, was rich in races and winds up to the final day. The medal races for the 49er, RX: S 470 and Laser, started on schedule at 8.00 o'clock at Riva del Garda. It has been a long week with races starting from early morning, to take advantage of the northerly winds, to afternoon with the southerly winds. The competition finished with all scheduled races been completed, which is practically always guaranteed on Upper Garda due to its exceptional wind conditions. After the conclusion and success of Olympiad Alessandra Sensini in the exciting women’s windsurf competition, today saw results that went against the predictions of yesterday even if many races were still open. In the Laser Standard Michele Regolo showed his clear-headedness, which eluded Giacomo Bottoli. Filippo Baldassari on the Finn qualified by just 1 point by sailing a careful and disciplined race thus gaining a position on the general classification, beating Michele Paoletti.
The medal race started this morning at 8 o’clock with northerly winds of 20 knots. 1st were the Sibellos ahead of the other Italian crew of Tita-Gritti. 3rd were Spaniards Rieger-Rieger. The final classification has the Sibello brothers 1st 37 points ahead of Greeks Sotiriou-Panagiotidis. Bronze medal for Spaniards Alonso-Alonso. 5th place overall for Tita-Gritti 9 points ahead of Italians Plazzi-Molineris. The Sibello bros. qualify.
Tom Ashley of New Zealand won the medal race and takes the gold medal in front of Greek Kokkalanis, second in the medal race. Fabian Heideger of Italy was 3rd today taking 4th place overall. In 10th place in the medal race Federico Esposito, who has already qualified.
The medal race was won by Williams of New Zealand 8th overall. Alessandra Sensini was 2nd in the medal race and wins the event 25 points ahead of LI Ling of China. In 3rd place in the medal race was Greek Skarlatou and Laura Linares was 4th and took the bronze medal in a Eurolymp where she fought to the last race for Olympic qualification.
470 M
There were strong north winds of 8 to 9 m/sec at the starting line and 6 to 7 at the bowline for the 470 medal race. It was a good day for Zeni-Pitanti (Zeni is a Fraglia Vela Riva athlete), who won the medal race ahead of Zandona-Zucchetti and climbed into 2nd position overall. 3rd in the medal race were Slovenians Mikulin-Princic.
Bronze for Italians Sivitz-Farneti, 10th in the medal race.
470 F
Overall victory for Conti-Micol, also 1st in the medal race. Silver for Slovenians Mrak-Cerne, 5th in the medal race and bronze for Russians Ilienko-Khrukina, who only came 8th in the medal race. 2nd and 3rd in the medal race went to Xu-Yu and Wang-Huang of China.
This is one of two classes (together with the Finn) where the Italian Olympic selection was decided with the medal race. The medal race was won by Michele Regolo. 10th and last was Giacomo Bottoli who lost his qualification by just 1 point. 2nd in the medal race was the other athlete of Fiamme Gialle, Marco Gallo, but too far behind on points to be a threat to anyone in the final. It was a heart-stopping final since Regolo had initially started in 4th position, not enough to beat Bottoli, who was 9th. It was then that Regolo started his attack and was able to pass in front of everyone due to his tactical skills that he maintained on the left part of the course. Bottoli, instead fell back a position and saw his Olympic qualifications disappear in front of him. The final classification has Croatian Mihelic in 1st place, overtaking his compatriot Taritas. Stelmaszyk of Poland took the bronze.
No big surprises in the Laser Radial category. The medal race had the first 4 athletes in the general classification take the top positions. Francesca Clapcich, the only Italian in the medal race, has qualified for the Games, but missed the podium by just 1 point. Winner of the medal race and in 2nd place overall is Reyes of Spain. Sheidt of Lithuania took the gold medal with a 2nd place today.
The silver medal went to the Italian crew of Negri-Voltolini, who were 2nd also in the medal race behind overall winners Loof-Salminen, who took the gold medal with a 10-point lead. A false start and OCS put Brazilians  Scheidt-Prada into 3rd place.
Mitakis of Greece won the Finn medal race. 2nd was Estonian Karpak and Maier of the Czech Republic was 3rd. The two Italians who were competing for a place on the Olympic team were 5th and 6th. Filippo Baldassari was 5th and Michele Paoletti was 6th. The difference of one position gives Filippo Baldassari the qualification by just 1 point. Yesterday the two Italians where equal.  The turning point of the final regatta was at the buoy at the 1st bowline. Both arrived very close to the lay line, but Paoletti made an error and found himself too close to the buoy touching it and therefore taking a penalty. At that point Baldassari passed him and kept control and above all his cool. It was enough to gain points on Paoletti and he climbed one position in the overall table (from 8th to 7th), while Paoletti remained in 4th place with no points. The final Finn classification is Wright of Great Britain-gold, Karpak of Estonia-silver and Bogar of Slovenia-bronze. Michele Paoletti was 4th; Filippo Baldassari was 7th and Giorgio Poggi 8th.
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