Tue, 14/04/2009

Disputate le ultime due prove. Leonardo Stocchero vince tra i Cadetti, e la "fragliotta" Cecilia Zorzi tra gli Juniores.

The 27th Lake Garda Meeting Optimist Class 2009 just ended and was a great success, both with the public and the participants. A very-well-managed organizational machine (Fraglia Vela Riva) handled the various parts of the sailing event with finesse: influx of young sailors and their boats; registration; distribution of gadgets and of the sponsor's stickers; haulage of the trainers' rubber raftboats; arrival of hope-filled parents ready to congratulate their triumphant children (or to comfort them if they are unsuccessful, suffer damages or are disqualified); the awards ceremony and the closing formalities. During these days there was also a moment of strong emotion when, on Friday, the entire Fraglia Vela, the judges, trainers, competitors and their families, the empathetic public and curious bystanders joined together to observe a minute's silence for the victims of the earthquake in the Abruzzo region, in solidarity with the families of the survivors and those who lost their homes.Now, let?s get down to the news of the day! Today, the wind arrives somewhat late. For quite a while, the weakest of Peler Winds, insufficient for racing, refuses to give in to the Ora Wind. The sailors have difficulty getting started. Then, here comes a serious South Wind! The fleet of Cadets lines up for the start. They're off! Strong competition between the young sailors! Just as on the other days, the wind which initially blew at 5-6 meters per second dies down suddenly. In spite of this, the race takes place normally. In the Cadets class, with 170 racers registered, first place goes to Leonardo Stocchero (ITA 7447 C.V. Toscolano Maderno). Second place for the very talented Nikita Ushkov, (RUS 414, Vodnik Club), who until the very end vies closely with the young sailor from Toscolano, Lorenzo Damonte (ITA 7468, Circolo Nautico Albenga), who took third place. Great performance also for Gwendal Lamay (GER 12429, SegelClub Eckernforde) and Patrick Zeni (ITA 6140, Fraglia Vela Malcesine): respectively arriving fourth and fifth. Top-ranking Feminine Class Cadet is Maria Hilora Pontoni (ITA 7320, Fraglia Vela Malcesine) arriving eighth overall. Agata Blazewska (POL 1498, K.S. Spojnia Warszawa)ranks second in the Cadet Feminine Class with her twelfth place overall position. Arriving in thirteenth position in the overall ranking, Laura Lehni (SUI 1208, TYC), takes third place among Feminine Cadet sailors.Similar wind conditions for the Juniors fleet, with 646 young sailors at the starting line, divided into four groups: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Emerald. The Fraglia?s own Cecilia Zorzi (ITA 7609) triumphs in first place; arriving second Alessio Paolucci (ITA 7506, S.T. Bracciano); in third place Tito Rodda (ITA 7078, S.V.O.C.). Good performance also by the Fraglia's own Michele Benamati (ITA 7488): seventh place in the overall ranking.A summary of the event?s results follows: CADETS: OVERALL TOP TEN WINNERSCADETS: 1. Leonardo Stocchero (ITA, CVTMaderno), 2. Nikita Ushkov (RUS, Vodnik Club), 3. Lorenzo Damonte (ITA, C.N. Albenga) 4. Gwendal Lamay (GER, Segelclub Eckernforde), 5. Patrick Zeni (ITA, FV Malcesine), 6. Ugo Pace (ITA, CV Reggio Calabria), 7. Aurelio Bartoli (ITA, YC San Marino), 8. Maria Hilora Pontoni (ITA, FV Malcesine), 9. Jacub Olejnik (POL, Sejk Pogon Szczecin), 10. Jack Johansson (USA, YC Nass). FEMININE CLASS TOP THREE WINNERSJUNIORS: 1. Maria Hilora Pontoni (ITA, FV Malcesine), 2. Agata Blazewska (POL, K.S. Spojnia Warszawa), 3. Laura Lehni (SUI, TYC). OVERALL TOP TEN WINNERSJUNIORS:1. Cecilia Zorzi (ITA, FV Riva), 2. Alessio Paolucci (ITA, S.T. Bracciano), 3. Tito Rodda (ITA, S.V.O.C.), 4. Nicole Galazzini (ITA, C.N. Bardolino), 5. Sebastien Schneiter (SUI, S.N.G.), 6. Paulina Rothlauf (GER, Bayerischer YC), 7. Michele Benamati (ITA, FV Riva), 8. Matteo Pilati (ITA, CVTMaderno), 9. Filip Florek (POL, CHKZ Chojnice), 10. Bora Olcav (TUR, Cesme S.C.). FEMININE CLASS TOP FIVE WINNERS: 1. Cecilia Zorzi (ITA, FV Riva), 2. Nicole Galazzini (ITA, CN Bardolino), 3. Francesca Russo Cirillo (ITA, S.V.BG), 4. Ewa Szczecna (POL, CHKZ Chojnice), 5. Annabel Vose (GBR, Royal SouthernYC). Listing of the event's special awards:Technolab Trophy: Leonardo Stocchero (ITA) 1° Cadets - Eurosails Challenge Trophy: Maria Hilora Pontoni (ITA) 1° Feminine Cadets - Optimist "Winner" Sailboat Award: Jacub Rodziewicz (POL) 27° Cadets - Eurosail Sail award: Ole Fischer (GER) 81° Cadetti - RS TeraSport Sailboat Award: Zeynep Yentur (TUR) 200° Juniores. Complete rankings are posted on the official website of the FV Riva (www.fragliavelariva.it) in the section dedicated to the Meeting. Official photos of the Meeting can be found in the same section of the Fraglia's website (photos by Slidebox: www.slidebox.it).Sponsors for this important international event were: Slam (www.slam.com) Trentino (www.trentino.to) Caramellamania (www.caramellamania.it) Avanade (www.avanade.com/it) Gio Style (www.giostyle.com). Press Office: Antonio Sueri - Valerie Gladych