Sat, 23/05/2009

Event featuring the 505, Korsar, Dyas and Int. 14' fleets has ended.  Jens Findel triumphs in the 505, as does Axel Oberemm amongst the Korsar and Holger Suesse in the Dyas.  Regime change  in the Int. 14' by Carmen Bernitt.

Fairly hot temperatures and rather strong southerly winds provided a happy ending to the Riva Cup 2009, sailing event dedicated to the 505, Korsar, Dyas and Int. 14' Classes. Once again today, crews were busy at the starting line, with another 3 races-per-class to run. The regatta courses' end-of-day results confirmed the success of Jens Findel in the 505: true dominator of his class with 5 first-place finishes out of 8 races. In the Korsar Class, Axel Oberemm left no room-at-the-top for the competition: with 7 first-place finishes. Identical scores and ranking for Holger Suesse amongst his Dyas rivals. Today's 3 races brought about a dramatic regime change in the Int. 14' Class, with Carmen Bernitt â¿¿ Oliver Holste surpassing the tough-sailing crew headed by Georg Burkenstien, yesterday's leader in the overall temporary scores and rankings. Looking back over the event, as mentioned yesterday, the German domination amongst this year's edition of Riva Cup is undeniable. And it's definitely been a worthwhile edition overall, considering 100 crews from the 505, Korsar, Dyas and Int. 14' fleets came together for these 3 days to compete against each other on the water, but also to party together onshore. Here are the four winners' podiums: 505 Class: 1st Place: Jens Findel - Johannes Tellen (GER 8875); 2nd Place: Wolfgang Hunger - Jiulien Kleiner (GER 8957); 3rd Place: Stefan Koechlin - Andreas Achterberg (GER 8958); Korsar Class: 1st Place: Axel Oberemm - Gerd Linnemann (GER 3791); 2nd Place: Heinz Willi Hedfeld - Thorster Hedfeld (GER 3753); 3rd Place: Joerg Langner - Joerg Diestelmann (GER 78); Dyas Class: 1st Place: lger Suesse - Frank Bender (GER 1462): 2nd Place: Roland Gunter - Johannes Stricker (GER 1457); 3rd Place: Jens Leicher - Norbert Schmidt (GER 9999); Int. 14â¿¿ class: 1st Place: Carmen Bernitt - Oliver Holste (GER 81); 2nd Place: Georg Borkenstien - Eike Dietrich (GER 28); 3rd Place: Eike Ehrig - Jan Martin Lahrs (GER 37). Main sponsor of the sailing event: Trentino SpA (www.trentino.to). News updates and final overall scores and rankings are posted on the website www.fragliavelariva.it, in the section dedicated to Riva Cup 2009.

Press Office: Antonio Sueri - Valerie Gladych