INTERNATIONAL J22 CLASS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2009: Gaston Loos wins! Second Ronald Veraar; third Eelco Blok

Sat, 20/06/2009

Northerly wind blowing around 8 m/s powered the last and final race, sailed at 11 am, bringing the INTERNATIONAL J22 CLASS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2009 to its close. And what a championship it's been! During this week, there have been several crews vying closely to acquire and maintain that elusive chart-topping position. First of all, it was held by Gaston Loos and crew, NED 1541. Then they were overtaken by Kasper Kieft and crew, NED 1215: whom, until the day before yesterday, seemed the most likely candidates for final victory. Close-to-the-top, heroic performances also by Eelco Blok, NED 1609, and Jeroen Den Boer, NED 1333, added to the fascination-quotient of this championship. All summed up, this 2009 World Championship's victory goes to Gaston Loos, NED 1541; second place for Ronald Veraar, NED 1450; third Eelco Blok, NED 1609. Unfortunately, tough contender Kasper Kieft slid down the ranks to a final fifth-position resting place. Obstacles encountered yesterday caused him to finish 26th; and today in 15th place. Jeroen Den Boer has taken fourth position in the final rankings. Winner of today's last and final race was Eelco Blok. His 3 first-place finishes in the last 3 races parlayed into his conquest of the Championship's bronze medal. This 2009 edition will be remembered for the supremacy of the Netherlands' crews, who occupy all of the top 10 positions in the rankings. Among strictly-female crews, Mariecke Poulie's, NED 1141, topped all with their eighth position in the overall rankings. Second-ranking all-woman crew, steered by Rinske Van As, NED 1458, came in thirteenth position in the overall final rankings. Germany's Annabelle Kaiser and crew, GER 1399, with their twenty-second overall rank position, respresent the third-ranking all-female crew. Eleventh and twelfth positions for the American crews steered by Marvin Beckmann, USA 709, and Joseph McCorkell, USA 1577. Top-ranking French crew, with their fifteenth-position in the overall final scores: Patrick Huet, FRA 1603. Peter Karrie and crew, FRA 1603, represent the top-ranking crew from Germany (GER 1328): they placed sixteenth in the overall rankings. The only Canadian crew present here at Riva this year, steered by Luc D'Aoust, by default his nation's top-ranking sailor, holds the nineteenth position in the overall rankings. At 2 pm, on Fraglia Vela Riva's terrace, the awards presentations were held, followed by the closing ceremonies. Main sponsor of the INTERNATIONAL J22 CLASS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2009 is Trentino SpA (


Press Office: Antonio Sueri - Valerie Gladych