Sat, 04/07/2009

420 Class: winners Francesco Falcetelli and Gabriele Franciolini. Mon Bleddyn and Nick Redding rule the 29er Class.  Guerilla competition in the 470 F/M Class: breakthrough for Francesco Bertone and Simone Malgugini, who claimed final victory.  Paolo Cattaneo and Vittorio Zaoli closely behind in second.

Today marks the conclusion of the 59th Intervela sailing event. This year's event contended delays and complications due to highly inconsistent wind conditions. With long experience in working around the natural rhythms and whims of northern Garda's winds, Fraglia Vela Riva's organizational teams held make-up races on all days following any previous day's cancelled races. In fact, make-up races were held at 9 am on Friday (yesterday) and at 8:25 am today (Saturday). By event's end, the triumphant victors of the 420 Class are Francesco Falcetelli and Gabriele Franciolini (4,15,1,2,10,(27),1,12); in second the Spanish crew: of Fernando and Alvaro Urzaiz (7,16,6,9,2,21, (dnf),2); third for Nicolo' Briante and Giacomo Fossati (12,3,16,4,(50),4,7,18). Top-scoring all-female crew was Roberta Caputo and Benedetta Barbiero, who placed seventh in the final overall rankings. British sailors Mon Bleddyn and Nick Redding (1,(13),2,1,1,1,1,3) won the 29er Class contest, followed by the Fraglia's own Riccardo Camin and Lorenzo Franceschini (3,2,1,3,(7),2,2,2); third Max Richardson and Alex Groves ((12),10,3,2,2,3,3,1). Good result for another Fraglia sailor: the final fourth position of Augusto Poropat (S.V. Barcola Grignano Trieste) and Giacomo Grosselli (F.V. Riva). Close-to-deadlock tie in the 470 Class between Francesco Bertone and Simone Malagugini (1,(3),2,2,2,2,2,1) and Paolo Cattaneo - Vittorio Zaoli (2,1,(3)1,3,3,1,2). The tight gap between these 2 crews is evident just by glancing at Intervela's individual 8 races' scores: nothing but first, second and third-place finishes for these tough competitors. In the end, final victors Francesco Bertone and Simone Malagugini are celebrating, having claimed the top spot. Third rank in this severely competitive class for Charlie Modica and Hans Jensen ((raf),2,1,3,1,1,3,3): again, a glance at the scores is sufficient, as, once again, their finishes include nothing but first, second and third-place. Main sponsor of the 59th Intervela event is Trentino SpA (www.trentino.to). Final scores and rankings, news and photos are posted on Fraglia Vela Riva's website (www.fragliavelariva.it) in the section dedicated to the 59th Intervela, and for the 420 Class, also on the International 420 Class site (www.420sailing.org).

Press Office: Antonio Sueri - Valerie Gladych