One month at the 37th Lake Garda Meeting Optimist

Mon, 18/03/2019

United Arab Emirates, Virgin Islands, Bahamas Cayman Islands, Hong Kong the most particular nations of the 37 present. 1028 the current pre-subscribers

At Fraglia Vela Riva the event for young sailors with low environmental impact: thanks to the cycling paths on the northern shore of Garda Trentino, all participants move from their accommodation by bike, skateboard, scooter

Kinder + Sport present with the "joy of moving" proposals within the Palameeting

Missing 1 month at the event which represents the largest sailing event in the world of a single class - and therefore already certified by Guinness World Records. The best thing about this record is that the class concerned is the Optimist class, the first sailboat for a child (9-15 years). Next April 18th, in the week of Easter, in Garda Trentino and in Riva del Garda in particular, the Lake Garda Meeting Optimist  will be back, organized by Fraglia Vela Riva, a club that last year celebrated its first 90 years of activity. It is a real meeting between peoples (almost 40 nations present), a travel opportunity to let their children experience a unique experience in which values ​​linked to sport and travel are fused, where knowledge and experience become real pillars . A trip offered by a sailing regatta like the Lake Garda Meeting Optimist in which clubs, national associations and families organize this trip for many people from one year to the next remains unforgettable, to live a sporting and competitive occasion, but also a reason to visit our country, in a territory - the Trentino - to live from the naturalistic, historical and cultural point of view: before or after the event the participants do not miss the opportunity to visit part of  beautiful Country extending the holidays to at least 8-10 days.
The 37th edition of the Lake Garda Meeting Optimist  one month after its beginning, sees the pre-registration of 1028 competitors, representing 37 nations, among which the most distant are Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Virgin Islands , United Arab Emirates, USA. Increasingly, representatives from Russia, Denmark, Hungary, as well as of course Germany and Italy, which are the nations with the highest number of presences. The highlight to experience this multiplicity of nations will be the opening ceremony scheduled for Wednesday 17 April, which will see the sailors, coaches and families parading through the streets of the historic center of Riva del Garda: a moment in which - when the participants stop in the square in front of the town hall, you fully experience the spirit of this event, the pride of the Fraglia Vela Riva, but of all the youthful sailing, which meets between sport, nature, values ​​of respect and sharing. And a few days after the big "green" event against climate change supported by students from all over the world, the connection with a location like Riva del Garda comes naturally: a stretch of lake where motorized navigation is prohibited except for reasons of safety and assistance, a territory in which the participants of the regatta arrive by bike, by skateboard, by scooter, thanks to cycle paths that connect the entire north shore of the lake, from Riva del Garda - home of the organizing club - to Arco and Torbole - locality where many participants are based, which being over 1000, they would not all stay in Riva with their own boat. An element of no small importance, which today has an even wider meaning.
Also in this edition, Kinder + Sport with its motor activities proposed in the "joy of moving" area set up within the Palameeting of Riva del Garda Fierecongressi and followed by specialized instructors: entertain through the movement guaranteeing a profitable learning at a coordinative level and motor the final objective of the activities proposed in the Kinder + Sport space, crowded before and after the regattas by the tireless children, who already last year particularly appreciated the initiative.