29er Eurocup 2018 - day 3

Fri, 26/10/2018

Started the finals of the 29er Eurocup of Riva del Garda; Saturday the conclusion
The Danes Dehn Toftehoe-Fuglbjerg take over the lead thanks to a string of 3 first and a third
131 boats from 20 nations

Riva del Garda-Lake Garda, Italy - Penultimate day of racing at Fraglia Vela Riva for almost 300 boys and girls engaged in the last stage of 29er Eurocup. Still a long and demanding day, which - on the one hand saw the absence of the sun from the previous days, on the other hand did not miss a good wind from the south, which in the first two races was medium-light on the 8 -10 knots and then go up over 16, thus repeating the conditions of the previous day. The regattas were certainly more fought as the fleet of 131 boats was split in half with the best 65 together in the gold fleet, drums that managed to conclude a further 4 races, thus being able to see the second gap applied after the ninth round . Light wind or stronger the best always remain there in the first positions, even if slightly exchanged. In great shape the Dehn-Toftehoe-Fuglbjerg Danes who in the first three tests of the gold fleet have crossed the finish line first and then closed the day with a partial third. They maintain the second position with 5 points behind the Norwegians Berhet-Franks Penty (3-7-4-1), while the Finns who were leading the eve of the gold fleet, passed third with a 7-3-2-17 . Advance, despite the disqualification disqualified in race 7, the French winners of the last edition: Chauvin-Girou are now fourth, although 20 points from third place. 
Saturday closing of the event, which like every year also concludes the season of races at Fraglia Vela Riva: a challenging final, but which gives satisfaction to see the 29er fleet grow, which has more and more young fans who are approaching this fast "skiff” .

-***Video***: https://youtu.be/N_wyLVQ4QAQ
STANDING: http://www.fragliavelariva.it/sites/default/files/regatta/r2444-result-f5883.pdf
PHOTO GALLERY: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yALeYet6HJLTpob29

Presidente: Pier Giorgio Salvadori
Del Parigi Fernando
Ceschini Paolo
Maggiolini Raoul
Angeli Eros
Berteotti Mauro
Maroni Fausto
Baroni Pier Luigi