Kaster, with Will Welles at the helm and carrying Italians Andrea Casale and Giuliano Cattarozzi, won the J/24 World of Riva del Garda

Fri, 31/08/2018

In the last day three races  with northerly wind up to 20 knots
Four US boats were in the top 5, with Japanese Siesta iridescent silver. German Derbe Kerle first among women
Winners of the under-25 category of Italians Ottobrerosso with Pietro Parisi at the helm

Riva del Garda, Italy - Concluding at Fraglia Vela Riva the World Championships one design J/24 finished with an uncertain day in terms of weather, but also with strong wind from the north that made it possible to complete the program with 10 total races. Great satisfaction came to all of the participants, Italian class and international J/24, Race Committee and Int. Jury, as well as all the technical staff and organizational Fraglia Vela Riva, who managed to finish in the best way an event that will be remembered for the large number of participants (a record number of 89 present with 98 registered), and for the really beautiful conditions had on Lake Garda Trentino. And on the last day with north wind, a change from the south wind of the previous seven races were sailed, lended variety to the championship, which made the competition itself more complete from a technical and tactical point of view. 
The deserved victory came to Kaster, the boat brought by the US already World Champion in 2014 Will Welles who had the ligurian tactician Andrea Casale and Giuliano Cattarozzi, as well as two US already champions of the world in Newport in 2014. "In the two years that I prepared for this trip, and I leaned in Casale and Cattarozzi for local logistics; Lake Garda is a particular lake, it is the first time I came here and it was a surprise. However, I am not surprised at the large participation in this championship, because everyone once in their life should to come to race here. It was a success for the J/24 class!"- he commented Welles returned victorious ground.


Tactician Andrea Casale added: "I am happy that the league has had some racing with a north wind that I like very much; the last day we started to control; we actually found to win the first race this morning, which gave us even more strength. After the first test of the eighth was a lot easier to sail in control and everything was fine. I found with American colleagues on board it was interesting to be professionally present in the important race courses like this in world of J/24. Although lately the J/24 class is not the one design of fashion, I would say to those who say that it is easy to win a world championship like this, before speaking must come to win it".
A great second place came to Japanese Siesta with Nobuyuki Imai at the helm, who was very regular throughout the season, and definitely on the rise. Also a US boat was, Furio, with Keith Whittemore at the helm, ahead of compatriots Honeybadger (Odenbach Travis at the bar) and Nautalytics with Mike Ingham at the helm, who Friday has achieved a second and two first exceptional, gained 4 positions. As for the female classification of German victory over Derbe Kerle helmed Lynn Wolgast. The Italians "Ottobrerosso" with Pietro Parisi at the helm and Matteo Bertolotti, Martina Peschetta, Gianluca Burlon, Gian Marco Venturi and Luca Cattarozzi won the special prize reserved for the under 25.
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