DAY 3 - On Easter Sunday the conclusion of the 36th Lake Garda Optimist Meeting

Sat, 31/03/2018

The today’s weather conditions were still unstable with early southward wind, heavy rain and later northward wind. Two more races for the Cadets (total 5) and 4 for the Juniors, expect for the white and orange fleets

Mosè Bellomi and Manuel De Asmundis (Fraglia Vela Riva) first and second Cadets respectively, followed by the talented Clara Lorenzi (CN Bardolino)

Persisted bad weather on Garda trentino for Easter poured some more rain on the 36th Lake Garda Optimist Meeting, the international event dedicated to the young sailors of the Optimist class with 1.347 participants from 33 countries. The weather did not discourage the helmsmen from 9 to 15 years old, who patiently waited for the wind under the rain once again. The local northward wind Ora started to blow in the early afternoon, allowing to sail two races per each fleet, except for race 4 for two Juniors fleets.
Sunshine is expected for tomorrow, the big final day, at least to enjoy the beautiful and unique area of the lake surrounded by mountains.

The Lake Garda Optimist Meeting did not stop after the long day spent wainting for the wind and the long Juniors heat finished around 6 p.m. Right after, the special evening for coaches started, presented by the Fabio Colivicchi, director of The figure of coach not always taken into consideration as it should be was the main topic of the evening. Experiences, needs, professionalism where the aspects brought in foreground at the “coach forum” organised at the Garda Wind Garda Village by Riva del Garda Fierecongressi in collaboration with Fraglia Vela Riva.

Five races for the younger Cadets, who sailed under the Race Direction of Ennio Pogliano. Mosè Bellomi and Manuel De Asmundis showed off their skills after five races, in fact they have always peaked the ranking on the top 2 positions. At the moment Mosè is first (1-1-13-2-3) followed by his teammate Manuel (1-4-1-8-2). Clara Lorenzi (CN Bardolino) is just as good as the two boys (3-2-2-12-2) now placed third only one point away from De Asmundis and naturally first among girls. These three sailors will surely do their best tomorrow for the final ranking. One more sailor from Lake Garda managed to climb the ranking list: Lorenzo Ghirotti (Fraglia Vela Malcesine) with today’s 1-7 is placed forth, followed by the Swiss Lars Dittel.

The Junior division with 1.069 sailors divided into 6 fleets with 6 six starts for race is the more complicated to run. The wind blew only for limited hours over these three days did not help with the management of the racing carried out by the Race Committee directed by Carlo Tosi, which had to deal with close heat starts while assuring their regularity. The ranking available on Friday evening after two races was topped by the Lithuanian Atilla Martins (1-3) tied with the German Anna Barth (2-2). Davide Nuccorini (Circolo Vela Roma) was third and first Italian (5-1). After race three (still before the exclusion of the worst scoring) the ranking is still topped by Martins, while the Italian Nuccorini climbed one position only one point away from first place. Also the American Snyder gained a position, now third overall. The German girls are doing great: Hannah Lanzinger and Anna Barth are respectively first and second, while the Italian Maria Vittoria Arseni (CDV Roma) won race 3. The start tomorrow will be given at 10:00 for all the fleets: two of the six Juniors fleets will sail race 4 to catch up with the other 1069 sailors.
On Sunday the live streaming and the GPS tracking will be still available to follow the races on your devices at

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