Still light breeze in Garda Trentino: 3 British teams in the Top 5 after three races

Fri, 27/10/2017

The wind is still light on day 2 of the 29er Eurocup, international event for the youth skiff class that is getting more and more successful, organized by Fraglia Vela Riva and taking place at the club until Sunday. Despite the very early rising and the punctual start at 08:30 am, the conditions were stable with north wind, that peaked 10-12 knots but then blew around 7-8 knots due to the cloudy weather that stopped the power of gusts. The races revealed to be very technical and within all teams’ means, also for the young and less experienced teams, many of which are in Riva del Garda at their first change of class (from Optimist, O’Pen Bic or RS Feva). Today morning, two races have been sailed, while none took place in the afternoon, for a total of three races at present. By now, the British are leading the way with three teams in the Top 5: Freya Black (helmsman) and Millie Aldrige (bowman) are first with the most regular performances (2-7-4), the French Revil-Guevel (third overall at the Worlds) are just one point away (12-1-1). The British Freddie-Elliott are now third, winning race 2 (11-1-5). The German Mueller-Ulrich won race three, today’s last race. The best results among Italians is scored by Cestari-Carbonelli (Soc. Can. Garda Salò), placed 18th (5-23-9). There is still a long way to go, and if the wind blows stronger on the upcoming days, it will be possible to sail four more races excluding the worst score, which will make a difference. On Saturday the start is scheduled at 9.00 am.

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