DAY 3 420 & 470 Junior European Championships: finally wind!

Thu, 10/08/2017

 Two races in early morning with the wind blowing southwards (16-20 knots) for the 420 class.

The Under 17 European champions Sposato-Centrone gained the top of the ranking. Salvetta-Sandrini were penalized by a disqualification. In the 420 Open the Spanish Balaguer-Massanet considerably improve their ranking. Good upswing for Ferraro-Orlando, now placed fifth.

The 470 fleet did not manage to sail in the afternoon due to bad weather and the consequent lack of breeze; the races are now scheduled for Friday morning.


Finally the wind is back to Riva del Garda with 15-20 knots on day 3 of the Junior European Championships organized by Fraglia Vela Riva for the classes 420 and 470. Waking up at dawn was worth it for the class 420 in order to be ready at 8:00 on the starting line set by the Fraglia Vela Riva staff and the FIV Race Committee. The race course was prepared for the wind coming from the north, that after the stormy night blowed on time in the morning with the sunrise.

After two days of light wind the situation finally changed and the gusts peaked 20 knots. As scheduled, the class 420 sailed two races, concluding the qualifying series, while the class 470 did not manage to sail any race. They should have begun to compete at 13:00, but an incoming storm prevent the wind to blow in the afternoon.

420 Under 17

Many protests arose and a few disqualification penalized the top ranked, as it was for the Fraglia Vela Riva’s Tommaso Salvetta, who got disqualified (6) falling from first to seventh place. The European champions Demetrio Sposato (CV Crotone) and Gabriele Centrone (CV 3V)  showed off determination and technical skills, who topped the provisional ranking with 1-5, while the Polish Golebiowski-Szmit are 4 points away (6-4). The Greek Pappa-Tsamopoulou are the first women and third overall (11-8).

420 Open

Noteworthy improvement of the Spanish Balaguer-Massanet, who reached first place (yesterday were third) with 2-1 and are now leading with a 22-point lead on the Polish Wysokinski-Jankowski, placed 6th in race 5, but disqualified for a false start in the last race of the day (race 6). The Greek Athanasopoulos-Tassios are only one point away, who lost two placements with bad performances in the morning (20-17). After their weak trend, the Italian Ferraro-Orlando (YC Sanremo) reacted well gaining 5th place (previously 12th) and are now ready to face the gold fleet. Great provisional 7th place for Crichiutti-Ripandelli (SNPietas Julia) at their ease with the wind (7-9). Among women, the Israeli Shariti Sade-Homri (19-8) are first, while the Italian Passamonti-Fava (Nauticlub Castelfusano) are second. Tomorrow the fleet will start the race at 13:00 - weather permitting, with the division of the gold and silver fleet according to the ranking after 6 races: the top 55 will enter the gold fleet.





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