DAY 2 420 Junior European Championship

Wed, 09/08/2017

The Fraglia’s Tommaso Salvetta with his bowman Giovanni Sandrini are leading the way in the 420 Under 17. Tomorrow morning at 8:30 the 420 division will sail two more qualifying series, and later the gold and silver fleet will be defined (the first half on the ranking will sail together), while the 470 division will start the final at 13:00. Due to the lack of breeze (very light 5-10 knots), the weather is cloudy.

Still light winds in Alto Garda on day 2 of the Junior European Championships organized by Fraglia Vela Riva for the 420 & 470 classes with 500 sailors enrolled (16-17 years old) from 25 countries. The 470 class, which sails on the course in the south, suffered from the uncommon weather conditions of Lake Garda in the first two days (light breeze, 5-6 knots), while the 420 class benefitted of a 11-knot wind. After the four qualifying series, the worst-score system has been implemented. All the races have been very technical with unusual conditions for Alto Garda: light wind and flat water, due to bad weather that blocks the breeze (that could reach 20 knots).

420 Under 17

Good news for Italy, especially for Fraglia Vela Riva, with its only sailor present: Tommaso Salvetta and his bowman Giovanni Sandrini (SCGarda Salò) are on top of the ranking (4-2-4-11), the French Poisson-Paturle are second only 4 points away, and the Polish Golebiowski-Szmit are third. Great upswing for the Italian Sposato-Centrone (CV Crotone-CV3V - Under 17 European champions),who rose in the chart form 9th to 4th place with 3-4 today. Good performance also for the Italian Carlotta and Camilla Scodnik (YC Italiano), second among women, after the Greek Pappa-Tsamopoulou, who placed third overall in the last race of the day. Gaia Bergonzini and Cecilia Zancan (FVMalcesine) are third on the provisional ranking (11th overall).

420 Open

The Greek Athanasopoulos Yogo-Tassios (European champions) are first with a lead of two points, the English Collyer-Chadwick improved their position with 2-2, the Spanish Balaguer-Massanet are third with 5-1. The Italian Arianna Passamonti and Giulia Fava (Nauticlub Castelfusano) keep a good average of points, placing 8th overall and first among women. Hard day for Ferraro-Orlando (YC Sanremo), who ended up on 12th place with 20-39.

470 Men

The 470 division managed to sail two races out of three on the programme, due to lack of wind: the finals start tomorrow with the top 22 in the gold fleet and the following 27 in the silver fleet. Tie on top of the rank are the French Machetti-Dantès (1-7) with the Italian Ferrari-Calabrò (Marina Militare). Today the Italian improved their ranking with 15-2. The English follow with a 2-point gapHazéldine-Orr (2-4). Still in the top 10 the Italian Totis-Cecchin (Lega Navale di Mandello) on 10th place with 11-10.

470 Women

The Turkish Kaynakci-Aslan gained 1st place (3-28), the German Wanser are second, and the Israeli Zamet-Lasry from first place fell to third place. Maria Vittoria Marchesini and Cecilia Fedel (SVBarcola Grignano, yesterday 7th) are the first Italian (10th) follone by the other Italian team Paternoster-Caruso (YC Italiano) and Di Salle-Dubbini (YC Italiano).


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