Soling European Championships day 3

Sat, 15/07/2017

Soling European Championships day 3
The Hungarians are leading the way, the top 3 is still open
Last regattas on Sunday
On the second to last day of Soling European Championships, organised by Fraglia Vela Riva, the wind was light for the 40 teams from 11 countries. Despite the wind conditions changed, the leader is still the Hungarian Litkey, who even after the exclusion of the worst score is first on the provisional ranking, followed by the Austrian Felzmann competing with the Ukrainian Pichugin for the second place. The Hungarian team is focused on the gold (its worse score was 12th in race 6), second and third place are open. The Canadians Hall (4th place at the World Championships of last year), won two races today and peaked rank 4, but they have to bridge a gap of 9 scores for the podium. Exploit for the American Collins, placed second in race 2 today in race 7. Good results also for the German team led by Tom Freeman with 4-3. Among the Italian teams (8 total), the brothers Maffezzoli struggle to improve their ranking, after the exclusion of the worst score implemented after race 6 are still out of the top 10 and at the moment they are 15th with 2 races left to sail (first among the Italians).
After foiling and challenging regattas where speed was the key, the Soling class with these European Championships allowed the sailing lovers to step back in time and enjoy the elegant outlines of the boats, their slow pace and particular technique. A boat suitable also for senior people, still capable of enjoining the race.
This mix of styles and trends not new for Fraglia Vela Riva mirrors the open mindness of the club of old and new classes, because the sailing world has its extraordinary face that can be enjoyed in Garda Trentino: a sailing paradise known worldwide.


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