DAY 2 - 35° Meeting del Garda Optimist

Fri, 14/04/2017

The Italian Arseni (Cadet) and the American Baker (Junior) are leading the way.
Good performances for the Fraglia Vela Riva athletes in both categories.
Day 2 conditions: sun, waves and medium-high-intensity wind

What an amazing day today in Garda Trentino for youth sailing and the Optimist class (9-15 years old): the skilled helmsmen from 30 countries sailed with confidence, despite the medium-high-intensity wind and short and steep waves. The 2017 Lake Garda Optimist Meeting counting 1063 participants, organised by Fraglia Vela Riva, continues on schedule with the maximum number of races per day - the current amount is four races for Cadets and six for Juniors. As ruled, the worse race scoring is not taken into consideration; this contributes to a rather well-defined ranking. On Saturday, two qualification races will take place for each category, while on Sunday the finals will be sailed according to the general ranking with the best sailors competing together in the same heat, e.g. the “Gold Fleet”.

Division A
Italian supremacy in the top of Cadets’ division: the Italian Maria Vittoria Arseni (CV Roma, 1-3-3-3) is still leading the way, closely followed by the two Fraglia Vela Riva athletes Alex Demurtas (13-1-5-2) and Mosè Bellomi (30-6-2-1), respectively second and third placed just one point apart one form another. In the Top Ten one further Fraglia athlete: De Asmundis (11-1-16-6) is placed eighth. Six nations in the top ten: Italy (four athletes), the USA (2 athletes) and Turkey, Poland, Spain, and Russia (one athlete). The American Audrey Foley (94-5-4-5) gains female second place (seventh overall).

Day two of the Junior division (12-15 years old) was characterised by three challenging races - the last one was exceptionally tiring, but yet spectacular thanks to the short and steep waves started around 16:30. The American Stephen Baker (1-2-1-1-8-1) is on top of the ranking, already leading the way after day 1 at the end of the first three races. He is followed by the Germans Müller, Steidle and Krauss. Great performance of the Italian Jan Pernarcic placed fifth overall with a positive average scoring, only lowed by the twelfth place of the last race (not taken into consideration). The Top Ten is completed by the Italian Tommaso Boccuni (Fraglia Vela Riva), wavering in the last race the most demanding one (21th), after his second and sixth place.
Ten placed is Franceso Novelli (Fraglia Vela Malcesine) a bit unstable with 11-4-2-17-1-13. Five different nations in the Junior Top Ten.
Cadets’ ranking:
Juniors’ ranking:
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