Final evaluation enriched by the presentation of the Trofeo ITAS to Fraglia Vela Riva, awarded to clubs with the best 4 juniors in the general standings.

Tue, 29/03/2016

Comments from President Mirandola and Technical Director Meringolo.

A final video which highlights 4 fantastic days of sport, friendship and breathtaking location. Boom of interaction and sharing on social networks from all over the world as well as access during streaming.

Just a few days since the conclusion of the thirty-fourth edition of the Garda Optimist Meeting the directors of Fraglia Vela Riva have given their final evaluation. In addition to organising the event in the best possible way, they can also be proud of being awarded the Trofeo ITAS which is presented  to a special category which takes into account the points of the top 4 juniors from the same club in the overall standings (out of 667 participants and at least one hundred clubs represented). With the 8th place of Mattia Bedoni, the 12th of Giorgia Cingolani, 57th of Liam Stampone and 125th of Alessandro Mercurio, Fraglia Vela Riva once again won the trophy that they had won last year. This confirms that Fraglia Vela Riva has one of the best Optimist teams in the world. Lake Garda is without doubt an important training ground for the sailors of tomorrow especially when you consider that  second place in the the Trofeo ITAS went to neighbouring Fraglia Vela Malcesine. An article on the Gazzetta dello Sport ( the sporting newspaper with the highest readership in Italy), by Luca Bontempelli praised Lake Garda, its athletes and its activities defining it as the “epicentre of Italian sailing”and that “Garda is clearly the most recognisable Italian word for sailors all over the world.”*

The event had an impact world wide with numbers unheard of before in the world of sailing. The official page of Facebook alone had over 200,000 users coming mostly from Turkey, Poland, the U.S. Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Russia, France, Hungary and of course Italy. Images of Lake Garda, taken as the little boats sailed off from the coast of Trentino, were shared around the world and even authorised personnel who are used to such sights were left impressed. With direct streaming, thanks to our partnership with Kinder+Sport, thousands of people were able to view the races as though they were actually present at Garda. Promoting tourism through sailing events has now become an example for many and with each edition we strive to improve with new initiatives and ideas.

ph. Emilio Santinelli

Fraglia Vela Riva President Giancarlo Mirandola:
“It was an extremely successful edition in every way: the beautiful weather certainly made things easier for the organisers as well as a good dose of good humour and  optimism which prevailed among all those who were involved: staff on land and water, parents members, volunteers and friends. The 900 athletes with their families and coaches would have come to Lake Garda, Trentino regardless of the weather as was affirmed by the number of pre registrations received. A special thanks to the special units of the Fire and Police services as well as the Red Cross and the coordinators of the  safety vessels on the water, for ensuring the safety of everyone. Naturally it is inevitable that some minor accident occurs (considering the numbers involved), but everything was always resolved quickly and efficiently. We are already looking forward to Easter 2017 which falls in mid April and hopefully could bring some warm weather. Of course these intrepid youngsters don't worry too much about that : they enjoy themselves no matter what the weather brings. So for now let us bask in the memory of this unforgettable week!”



ph. Emilio Santinelli

Technical Director Marcello Meringolo commented on the  event and the performance of the team: ”Congratulations to all the regatta  and administration staff who did an excellent job in these last few days. We had great results from the Optimist team with Mattia Cesana (Champion Cadet), Agata Scalmazzi (girls Cadet), second places for  (Giorgia Cingolani (Junior girls) and Emma Mattivi Cadet girls). The icing on the cake came with the awarding of  the Trofeo ITAS to Fraglia Vela Riva , thanks to the achievements in the Junior category of Matteo Bedoni (8th overall), Giorgia Cingolani (12th overall), Liam Stampone (57th overall) and Alessandro Mercurio (125th overall). This achievement is a credit to them and their coaches Mauro Berteotti and Santiago Lopez. I would also like to say a resounding thank you to all the parents and volunteers for all the help given during the entire event.”

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