Topper Worlds day 2

Tue, 21/07/2015

Patrick Zeni and Francesca Ramazzotti hold onto their leads in the Topper World Championships at Riva del Garda.
In the 5.3 category Power of Ireland and the first of the girls Harper of G.B close in.

Riva del Garda – The second day of the Topper World Championships – organised by Fraglia Vela Riva in this scorching week of July – was defined by another three races which saw lighter winds in today's first two races followed by much stronger winds in the third which had gusts reaching as much as 14 knots. Today in the 5.3 category the duelling Italians Gallinaro and Zeni competed in different heats putting the Championship into play a little more with regards to their opponents who
strongly closed in on the podium positions thanks also to the discard which was brought in after the fourth race. In the smaller category with sails of 4.2sq m, however, the Italians remain in the top positions with 5 athletes from Fraglia Vela Riva in the top six including the first girl. An outstanding Francesca Ramazzotti (FV Desenzano) doesn't seem to have any intention of relinquishing her lead to the boys. In fact she leads by 5 points after a series of flawless partials 1-1-1-1-2 (discarded). Behind her is Brando Mattivi (2-3-2-2-1-4) pleased at having taken the only victory that Ramazzotti didn't win. Gregorio Moreschi is in third place and continued to improved his form today with 5-3-2. Fraglia Vela Riva is indeed delighted to have 5 of its own athletes in the top six creating a wall in the standings at the expense of the  Irish and British helmsmen who find themselves in seventh place and below.

It was a closer match today, however, for the larger fleet of 5.3. After yesterday's tie between Zeni and Gallinaro, the competition has opened up with the top three having only 2 points among them making it anybody's game. Patrick Zeni (Fraglia Vela Malcesine) holds on to the lead with a third and two first partials in his heat. Climbing into second place, just one point behind, is Geoff Power (Ireland) who had a good day scoring the same as Zeni 3-1-1. Gallinaro ( Fraglia Vela Riva), drops to third but is only one point behind Power and two behind Zeni. He achieved a 2-2-3 today. In fourth place and the first of the girls is Niamh Harper (G.B.) who was much more competitive with today's lighter wind (2-2-6).

The schedule remains the same for Wednesday with races starting at 13.00 with probable southerly winds which blow warm and steady on Lake Garda, Trentino much to the delight of all the sailors present!

“Everything is going according to plan for the Topper World Championships which has attracted almost 160 helmsmen to Riva del Garda, not to mention at least triple that number if you include the families who are accompanying the youngsters and who are here for the whole week – stated Giancarlo Mirandola, President of Fraglia Vela Riva – The opening ceremony was much appreciated by everyone from the band of Pergine, Valsugana who accompanied the procession through the streets of the old town, to the young Scot who performed on the bagpipes to an enthusiastic crowd. The Italians are doing very well competitively and the British, who manage this class, seem to be very satisfied with the organisation of Fraglia Vela Riva and with the efficiency of its staff, who endeavour to fulfil the expectations of all the classes who come to Riva to hold their Championships!” - concluded Mirandola.



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