Singapore are Optimist Team Racing World Champions

Sun, 21/07/2013

Fraglia Vela Riva has seen some impressive Team Racing skills from the Optimist fleet over the last 2 days. After the group stage yesterday, today saw the best 16 teams compete in more difficult conditions with southerly winds of 14-18 knots and larger waves than yesterday. Singapore won all of their matches to put them straight in the final. Brasil, Great Britain, USA and ITA qualified for the fifth stage of the competition with Great Britain beating Brasil and Italy beating USA to get through to the sixth stage. Italy beat Great Britain to progress to the final with Singapore. Special mention must be made of the British Team who fought hard for their Bronze position. They were ambitious and confident from the start and their team racing skills were honed as they progressed through the competition.

Italy made the finals after winning against Chile, Peru, United States and Great Britain. Singapore were the favourites from before the start of the competition however Italy were clearly used to competing here at Lake Garda on it's windier days and put up a serious fight. The first race in the best of 3 final match went to Italy, with both teams scoring 18. The second went to Singapore, again with both teams scoring 18. In both nail biting races the fight continued right up until the end, with places still changing on the final beat of the S shape course. In the final race Singapore showed their mettle and were the clear winners. We congratulate Singapore on their title, but commendation must go to Italy for pushing Singapore so hard, up until the final moments.

Tomorrow is a lay day for the fleet and the Optimist World Championship fleet racing continues on 23rd July.