Day 2 Garda Optimist Meeting.

Fri, 29/03/2013


The weather certainly hasn't been cooperating at the 31st Garda Optimist Meeting but the cold and gloomy weather that has prevailed over Trentino Garda over the last few days hasn't dampened spirits. The juvenile sailing festival with 1127 participants from the ages of 9-14 years from 30 countries goes on – and after a practically lost day yesterday, the races started today for both categories thanks to a light wind which blew from mid-morning first from the north then shifting to the south.
“We are very pleased that we have been able to start the races in both categories in the 31st Garda Optimist Meeting - commented Mauro Stanga, President of Fraglia Vela Riva – the weather has certainly not been on our side but at least it didn't rain and the youngsters were able to get out onto the water and race. The technical staff on land and water have been working very hard so lets hope that the weather cooperates over the next couple of days. The youngsters, however, are in great spirits even though some of them aren't used to these cold temperatures like the young sailor from Sri Lanka who hasn't for a moment thought about pulling out; a good example of a strong character”.
CADETS, 272 registered divided into 2 heats.
The young cadets (9 -11 year olds), finished 2 races with a northerly wind with gusts of 5 -8 knots. Overall leader is Szmit of Poland with 2 partial wins. In 2nd place Westerlind of Sweden, 6th in the first race and 1st in the second. Third is Abramowicz of Poland equal on points with the Swede. First among the Italians is Bruno Mantero (CN Costaguta), who placed an excellent 2nd in the first race and an 8th in the second. Right behind him is Federico Caldari (CN Cesenatico).First of the girls and lying 8th overall is American Maddie Hawkins (4-7).
JUNIORS, 855 registered divided into 5 heats.
The juniors took to water after the cadets at around 13.00h with a light southerly wind of 6-8 knots. Two races were completed except for the “white” group (distinguishable by white  ribbons attached to the peak of the sail- the tallest part), who weren't able to finish the second race. The top positions in almost every heat is very Italian. First in the blue group with the colours of Fraglia Vela Riva, is Matteo Bedoni. In the green group is Luca Valentino of CV Cesenatico. The red group has Schlùter of Germany in first place ( but followed by local kids Alberto Tezza, Fraglia Vela Riva and Nicola Duchi- Circolo Vela Torbole. An Italian 1-2-3 is in the white group with the girls going head-to-head. 1st is Arianna Passamonti (Tibi Sail Roma), 2nd is Massimiliano Casali (CV Ravennate) and 3rd Arianna Forelli (Fraglia Vela Malcesine). Croatian Stevanovic was 1st in the yellows. The standings at the end of the second race are still being processed and it won't be possible to have  the temporary results until the white group runs its second race. This evening, the much appreciated Nutella Party had as always a festive and enthusiastic participation so much so that one child exclaimed: “This is the best part of the Meeting!”.
Tomorrow racing starts  at mid-morning as the festival of sailing continues.


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