The 420 /470 European Youth Championship has been included on "World on Water" the news on TV WEB sailing distributed in 27 countries and 241 websites, an event that has found space between America's Cup news and more news about the most important championships sailing on the planet. CLICK HERE - ESTRACT >> BOATS ON TV >>
media 31/08/2012
Al minuto 17:52 il servizio andato in onda sul TG Trentino di domeniaca 12 agosto, ore 19:30 sugli Europei Juniores 420 e 470, con l'intervista al Presidente Mauro Stanga. Ecco il link:
media 13/08/2012
The 30th Garda Optimist Meeting will be broadcast this evening (wesdney 30th may) on Odeon TV at 20.00hrs during the transmission of BLU SPORT. Click on link to find Odeon TV in the various regions:
media 28/05/2012
The Garda Optimist Meeting on World on Water of! The WoW is seen on 200 boating websites in 27 countries. See this week's show on  
media 03/05/2012
ON line 2012 Welcome Book! Inside the Welcome Book 2012 there is information on Fraglia as it is today,its place in history and all the programmes that make Fraglia Vela Rivaa club that continues to evolve.An evolution that has been achieved through our passion for sailing,for the young and for everything that plays a role on our great lake and in our smalland inimitable Riva del Garda.Welcome friends – from all the staff at Fraglia Vela...
media 19/03/2012
On line la registrazione della puntata di Controvento andata in onda sul Circuito Odeon TV con gli speciali dedicati alle regate disputate alla Fraglia Vela Riva: il Campionato Italiano Classi Olimpiche e la D-One Gold Cup. Buona visione! guarda la puntata >
media 07/10/2011
3rd OCTOBER at 22:00 PM and WEDSDAY 5th sept. at 8:30 p.m. Odeon TV will broadcast “Controvento” with Olympic Class Italian Championship. There will also be a special on the D-ONE GOLD CUP. Don’t miss it! To see Odeon TV outside Italy, you can watch it live (or recorded) on the web by linking on and clicking on live menu. Or you can get the same channel on demand on Youtube and Facebook on the...
media 03/10/2011
On Monday 12th September at 10.00 PM and Wednesday 14th September at 8.30 PM Odeon TV will broadcast “Controvento”, featuring 3 time World Laser Champion Tom Slingby of the Australian Sailing Team training on Trentino Garda. The programme also includes footage of him working with the youngsters of Fraglia’s Sailing School and the Laser racing team. There will also be a special on the European Youth Games. The first edition...
media 12/09/2011
Ecco il video della giornata trascorsa dal 3 volte Campione del Mondo Laser Tom Slingby al nostro circolo e poi con i ragazzi della squadra agonistica Laser in acqua. Buona visione!  
media 13/07/2011
Lunedì 13 giugno è stato pubblicato sul quotidiano trentino l'Adige un articolo corredato da due foto relativo all'esperienza VELASCUOLA appena concluso, con la presnetazione degli imminenti corsi di scuola vela previsti per tutta l'estate. Leggi articolo
media 13/06/2011