The term fraglia is thought to have come from Venetian-Istrian dialect meaning guild, which could prove its association with marine and sport. Another hypothesis is that it is a contraction of the voices fratellanza and famiglia in mediaeval monastic Latin. Whatever the case it inspired d'Annunzio to name Fraglia della Vela the new independent section of the generic Fraglia Atletica Benacense.

The Club is situated in Riva del Garda's Park in front of the historic Canale della Rocca and 13th century fortress. The Club started up in the 1920's as part of the Società Sportiva Benacense. In 1920 the restoration of the Austrian cutter Sirius, retrieved from the lake and renamed Galeotto, became the first flagship of a small fleet of rowers known as the S.S. Benacense: thus signalling the start of a long history of boats, champions and major regattas.

In 1928 Fraglia became a separate entity working towards a statute on the development of the art of sailing encouraging competitive sport through racing. In June 1934 the  Club was inaugurated and in the same year the adjacent  area known as  the Spiaggia degli Ulivi was opened, transforming the town of Riva from a Hapsburg health spa into a charming Italian resort with a decidedly Mediterranean flavour.

One of the most notable figures to have patronised and supported Fraglia was the great Italian poet Gabriele d'Annunzio. On the 31st of August 1937 he was named President ab Aeterno by the Association. In 1951 the first edition of International Sailing Week, Intervela, took place and in 2010 its 60th anniversary was celebrated.

Fraglia Vela Riva has been awarded a sport distinction Stella d'argento and Stella d'oro by CONI. Throughout its history Fraglia Vela Riva has always promoted sailing events in perfect synthesis with the tourism of Upper Garda and Trentino. Today Riva is well known in the world for its excellent climatic and wind conditions and is a major attraction for International Regattas and outdoor sports. Lake Garda: that «marvel of a lake» as described by Goethe.

Every year youngsters, trained athletes and members reach new heights in their classes and events: winning national, continental and iridate titles as well as competing in several Olympic Games.
So many have contributed in creating the rich history of
Fraglia Vela Riva.

Guinness World Records

On the 6th April, 2012 Fraglia Vela Riva entered into The Guinness World Records with the XXX Garda Optimist Meeting, the largest single – class regatta in the world with an incredible 1055 participants. This official record will always remain in the history of Fraglia Vela Riva and World Sailing!



Bel momento di aggregazione sportiva e sociale oggi tra la squadra agonistica Optimist della ‪#‎fragliavelariva‬ e la squadra Optimist USA USODA Team USA Lake Garda, presente a ‪#‎rivadelgarda‬ in occasione del ‪#‎gardameetingoptimist‬, Scambio di gagliardetti e firme sulla bandiera optimist, ufficializzata dalla presenza del segretario della Classe Optimist Norberto Foletti e naturalmente dal Presidente del nostro sodalizio...
club 21/03/2016
The racing season at Fraglia Vela Riva starts with a “bang” as the first international event of the season kicks off with the Guinness World Record event “ The Garda Optimist Meeting” for youngsters aged (9-15 years) of the Optimist class. Almost 1000 helmsmen from 30 different nations are taking part during the week of Easter and will involve the collaboration of directors, coaches, parents and many member volunteers.
club 18/03/2016
E' con piacere che annunciamo la partnership per il 34° ‪#‎gardameetingoptimist‬ con la Centrale del Latte di Vicenza. D'altra parte una buona cioccolata calda con cacao Ferrero, senza un buon latte...che cioccolata è??? :-) ---- Centrale del latte Vicenza (milk) is the new partner of 34th Lake Garda Meeting Optimist
club 11/03/2016
club 16/12/2015
Bella iniziativa giovedì 12 novembre in Fraglia con la presentazione del portolano di Luca Tonghini "un piccolo mare di nome Garda". Vi aspettiamo numerosi alle ore 20:45 per vivere la Fraglia e il lago, oltre.
club 06/11/2015
The first round of September regattas have concluded at Fraglia Vela Riva. The exclusive four man crew Longtze, which races in Montecarlo and France and is fond of the waters of Lake Garda, completed 8 races with a hard fought battle in the eighth and final  race.  Victory went to the Swiss crew helmed by Wieland. At the same time the European D-One Championships were held, the single invented by Finn Olympic silver medallist Luca...
club 07/09/2015
Vittorio Gallinaro and Francesca Ramazzotti take top honours on the final day of the Topper World Championships at Fraglia Vela Riva. A thrilling fight to the finish between Italians Gallinaro and Zeni. A red letter day for Fraglia Vela Riva and the Gallinaro family as Guido (younger brother of Vittorio), wins the World Laser 4.7 Championships in Poland.
club 24/07/2015
The 2015 Scuola Vela/Sailing School brochure is available. Sailing School 2015 >>  
club 22/05/2015
Every participant has been issued a welcome pack containing the regatta rules and a useful kit prepared by PROtect tapes , an Italian company which produces a wide range of adhesive tapes specifically for protecting the parts of the boat prone to friction, bumps and ageing. It also optimises performance. This venture marks the start of a collaboration between Fraglia Vela Riva, chosen for its activity in international sailing and PROtect tapes...
club 29/03/2015
Welcome Book 2015 is now available! Sfoglia il nuovissimo Welcome Book 2015: ancora più completo, ancora più ricco di informazioni utili e immagini spettacolari! Click and read here >>
club 31/03/2014